See those guys in the back? Those are the one's I'd be worried about. When it comes to blowing your minds these fellas mean business. Staying on top was never supposed to be easy!

For Our Heroes

US Rock Corporation is firmly committed to honoring the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make every day to protect our freedoms. Scroll down to find out what we as a company are doing to give back and pay respect to our real heroes.


Fixing up your home can often seem like a "forever" process, right? And at times we literally have no idea what the HECK we're doing!! Because you've shown us so much love, we've decided to dedicate some primo real estate to help you all out! Check below to see our useful tips & tricks, videos, and guidelines that should help make the task of figuring it all out somewhat easier. Rock On!

The Foundation of Rock

Lava flow at Kilauea

When it comes to going all in, the crew over at the US Geological Survey takes the prize. All of us over at US Rock Corporation give major props to the team that filmed this awesome phenomenon! Thank you USGS for everything you do!

All things: US Rock

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Three Little Birds

1,2,3...and what they have to do with rocks

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Succulents Galore

The creative "art" of sustainable gardening

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Ouch that hurt!

Five easy home remedies for those nasty bee stings

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US Rock's Military Fleet

May we always remember...

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Too Many Angles

The idiot's guide to calculating square footage

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By the Numbers

Step-by-step guidelines for installing turf and DG