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Washed Plaster Sand

$55.00 per cubic yard


Size(s): ASTM C144 – #4 [4.75mm] (100%); #8 [2.36mm] (100%); #16 [1.18mm] (98%) Passing

Type: Sand

Color: Tan / Light Brown

Class: Sedimentary

Coverage (per cubic yard): Approx 150 sq.ft. at 2 inches


Graded plaster sand. Uniform in color. Washed Plaster Sand is a quality plaster sand often used in cement, sand, and gravel mixes during the concrete manufacturing process. Due to its small particle size and the accompanying wet screening process, this “clean” sand can also be used as a filler for playground boxes or as an underlayment for pavers. A terrific product with great all-around uses!


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