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$145.00 per cubic yard


Size(s): 3/4″

Type: Andesite, Granite, Quartzite, Pegmatite

Color: White / Green / Gray / Brown

Class: Igneous / Metamorphic

Coverage (per cubic yard): Approx 150 sq.ft. at 2 inches


Various crushed rock. White, green, gray, and brown in color. When all of the rebellious misfits decided to come together, Tumbleweed is what happened. A melting pot of color, style, and edge, this cacophony of “cool” has decided not to play by the rules! In no other place will you find such a wicked combination of igneous and metamorphic rocks, which is why this group is so awesome. If you’re trying to make a statement in your outdoor landscape this is the one for you!


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