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Riviera Pro (70oz)

$2.56 per square foot


Yarn Color: Field & Lime Green

Thatch Color: Brown

Yarn Type: Monofilament PE with Thatch

Face Weight: Approx 70 ounces

Pile Height: Approx 1.75 inches

Roll Width: 15 feet


Synthetic turf. Field and lime green in color. Riviera Pro synthetic grass features a beautiful combination of field and lime green grass blades paired with a brown thatch layer. This approximately 70 ounce product is specifically designed for durability through it’s “M” grass blade shape as well as an extremely strong backing! Each grass blade is equipped with U.V. inhibitors and is also triple reinforced into the backing through tuft bind technology. Your synthetic lawn will never fade or come apart, no matter how much sun or foot traffic it will experience! The backing is also perforated so liquids can easily pass through without any fuss! A terrific option for any residential or commercial property.


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