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Peat Moss

$58.00 per 3.8 cu.ft. bale, Compressed


Size(s): 3.8 cu.ft. Bale, Compressed

Type: Canadian Sphagnum

Color: Light Brown

Class: Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners


Compressed peat fibers. Light brown in color. Not all soil is created equally, and to help improve conditions in problematic areas, Peat Moss is the professional landscapers product of choice! With a fibrous consistency that helps improve aeration and drainage to promote plant root development, it is used throughout the greenhouse and landscaping trades as a premier soil amendment and conditioner. It has great overall water retention properties, fantastic structural improvement qualities for sandy soil, and excellent nutrient absorption and release attributes which can aid in reduced amounts of fertilizer usage. Uncompressed it expands to approximately 7 cubic feet.


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