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Gro Power Flower’n’Bloom 3-12-12

$55.00 per 50 lb bag

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Mesh/Sieve Size(s): Approx 2-5mm

Qty: 50 lb bag

Type: Organic Fertilizer

Color: Brown

Class: Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners

Soil Preparation: Approx 2.5 lbs per 100 sq.ft.


Organic Fertilizer. Brown in color. Formulated to help develop deep vigorous roots and help develop more flowers and fruits, Gro Power Flower’n’Bloom is the professional landscapers go-to fertilizer for targeted feedings. With a low nitrogen, high phosphorus, and high potash concentration, it assists in promoting more abundant and larger blooms, helps combat plant disease, and encourages fruit development. Iron and sulfur have been added to produce a more efficient fertilizer which contains no sewage, sludge, animal or poultry waste. Great for azaleas, camellias, roses, citrus, avocado, and fruit trees.


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