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Gro Power Plus 5-3-1

$55.00 per 50 lb bag


Mesh/Sieve Size(s): #4 Screen 100% Passing

Qty: 50 lb bag

Type: Organic Fertilizer

Color: Brown

Class: Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners

Soil Preparation: Approx 15 to 20 lbs per 100 sq.ft.


Organic Fertilizer. Brown in color. Dealing with problematic soil can be frustrating, and if you’re just about ready to throw in the towel don’t, because Gro-Power Plus was specifically designed for impossible soil conditions! Areas with high levels of salt, sodium boron or pH problems, and even highly-compacted clay, adobe or caliche soil issues can be fixed with this amazing concoction. So grab your water hose and help this bio-degradable soil penetrant go to work!


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