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Decomposed Granite (DG)

$60.00 per cubic yard


Size(s): ASTM C136 – 3/8″ (100%); #4 [4.75mm] (96%); #8 [2.36mm] (79%) Passing

Type: Aged Granite

Color: Tan / Gold / Light Brown

Class: Igneous Extrusive

Coverage (per cubic yard): Approx 150 sq.ft. at 2 inches


Crushed and screened granite, aged by natural decomposition. Tan and gold with varying hues of brown. Even if you weren’t paying attention, you’ve most likely come in close contact with Decomposed Granite. “DG” as it is so awesomely nicknamed, is a ubiquitous surface material widely used in park trails, patios, pathways, and other trafficked areas. Easy to install and great for any drought-tolerant landscape!



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