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Boulders (3’x3′) approx

$150.00 each 


Size(s): 3’x3’x2′ to 3’x3’x3′

Type: Various

Color: Gray / White/ Pink / Tan

Class: Igneous, Sedimentary, Metamorphic


Larger stand-alone rock. Color may vary. If what you’re looking for happens to be an enormous object found in the mountains, deserts, or seas, and weigh anywhere between 400 to 2700 pounds, you’re most likely in search of a 3 foot boulder! And because they vary so dramatically in shape and physical characteristic, it would probably be best to call us or hand pick the one or ones you want. And remember, boulders are really tough to move without heavy equipment so let us help you! Great for natural barricades, landscape focal points, or bold expressions.


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