Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve asked and we’ve answered. We get a range of interesting questions everyday
but the ones that keep coming up are posted below. If your particular query didn’t
make the cut, call or message us. We’re here for you.

1. So tell me what is US Rock all about?

Helping you win! No seriously, US Rock Corporation is all about making
bulk landscape materials and products accessible and available to everyone,
not just the big boys. We are committed to fulfilling our promise of supplying
great products and services to anyone that needs them.

2. Can you guys really deliver 24 hours a day, seven days a week? That sounds crazy.

It is crazy! And if your neighbors and municipal laws are cool with it, of course
we can! Visit our Terms and Conditions page for more details.

3. Where do all of your products and materials come from?

One of the many things that we take pride in is our ability to source the majority
of our products and materials here in the United States. Our family of quarries and
manufacturers are required to abide by US Rock Corporation’s Standards & Practices in order
to be a part of our supply network. We believe in providing opportunities to anyone
and everyone that is genuinely kind and respectful to humanity and the world in
which we all share.

4. Why does your logo look like a bug?

What?….a bug, are you serious right now?! For your information, it actually represents
the importance of American resources and the impact they have on moving our country
and industrialized society forward. It also emphasizes that America is still the “North Star”
and shining beacon of progress and opportunity to anyone that works hard for it!

 5. What happens if you’re sold out of what I need?

This is definitely considered to be one of our greatest nightmares, but in event that we are
out of stock on a particular item, we will do our best to get it to you through our special
order system found here on the Terms and Conditions(link) page.

6. How do I calculate how much material I need?

Funny that you ask, because we never get this question 🙂 but to answer your request, here
it is: When you’ve decided on a product or a number of products that you would like to order,
we have cleverly built in a square footage or area calculator for each product on it’s description
page. Just select any product that requires a calculation and voila! You’re ready to calculate!

7. Where are you guys located:

Everywhere, literally..we’re in the cloud, muhahahaha!

8. Does everyone know how amazingly cool you guys are? (Ok, ok, busted..we threw this one in)

Unfortunately I don’t think they do which is why we need you to tell all of your friends and
let everyone else know, including your landscapers and our competitors! This way we’ll
have to stay on our toes and keep on coming up with great ways to deliver awesome products
and services to you. Competition keeps us hungry! So please help spread the word!