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Design Specialist -"The Artíst"

Experience - 2 years
Number of Vacancies: 2

Job Description

The landscape design specialist is the key point of contact for US Rock Corporation's Design Services. The use of creativity, beauty in nature, and inherent design ability to create harmonious and aesthetically pleasing functional areas for our clients is what this position is all about. Job responsibilities include planning, sketching, on-site analysis and conditions assessments to establish design parameters are required. A thorough knowledge and understanding of design software, plants, art, color theory, texture, balance and proportion is a must. Strong organizational and communication skills are also required.

Job Responsibilites
  • Plans the finished product, incorporating new features with existing ones by sketching detailed drawings to scale
  • Performs site analyses that include the assessment of current plants, soil conditions, lighting, area views and the architectural style of the home, buildings, and/or relevant structures
  • Effectively communicates with clients, contractors, supervisors, and other members of the landscape design/build team
  • Reviews plans, proposed changes and other relevant documents
  • Prepares and coordinates presentations to discuss the project using supportive charts, graphics, and other multimedia tools
  • Involvement in the progression of the project to ensure that it stays on schedule and is constructed and installed as planned
  • Maintains project related records, budgets, and related documentation
  • Fluent in AutoCAD and Photoshop
  • Helps advise and organize cost-saving techniques and strategies in the areas of labor and materials to keep project costs down and within intended buget parameters
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    Customer Service Representative (Bilingual) - "The Global Rockstar"

    Experience - Minimum of 1 year in customer service; fluent in both English and Spanish

    Sales Representative - "The Headliner"

    Experience - 1 year

    Driver (Class B) - "The Muscle"

    Experience - 2 Years

    Product Manager - "The Kitchen Sink"

    Experience - 1 year

    Our Customer - "The Fanatic"

    Experience - None required

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