Springtime 2015. A Tuesday and somewhere in Los Angeles, California.  “..but seriously though, let’s go build a kick-butt rock company that people will get excited about!”

And just like that, US Rock Corporation was born.

No big fuss, no giant banners, just an idea. An insane idea formulated out of some serious gut-punch frustration. The lack of a modern all-in-one bulk landscape material and supply company is what forced this band of creative misfits to quit their day jobs to create the “reality” of something better, almost like a 21st century hybrid supply store of sorts. A company that could accommodate the sophisticated needs of an industrial customer while providing for the everyday needs of the average homeowner, using a very simple and easy to navigate order-to-delivery process. This is what was missing and this is what we’ve decided to bring to the world!

With a background in soil and compost manufacturing, these misfits knew that they could put their knowledge and acquired experience to good use by delivering essential landscape materials to everyone’s doorstep. Not some crazy pipe dream of being able to pick up your smart phone and order materials that could be delivered to your home or job site, no, that’s just crazy talk we were told. What we thought was crazy was that it took so long for this simple idea to become a reality!

From the very outset the mission of US Rock Corporation has been simple: “To become the most convenient and affordable supplier of bulk landscaping products for everyone, while making it fun and cool to shop for and buy rocks.” And behind that mission is a team of pretty awesome people who truly believe that we owe it to one another to continue in the tradition of other great companies by knocking it the hell out of the park!–being socially responsible in the ways we treat one another, being environmentally responsible in the ways we conduct our daily business affairs, and by being fiscally responsible in the ways we operate and give back to our communities. As a result we all come to work ready to make a difference every single day. We want to supply the best products, materials, and services, because we’ve been fortunate enough to be given the best opportunities to make the world better through our actions.

Bulk Delivery. US Rock Corporation only provides bulk delivery services (at or above one cubic yard and between 3,000 – 48,000 lbs) and bagged delivery and miscellaneous light order service throughout the Central and Southern California, Western Nevada, and the Western Arizona Geographic Regions. Please refer to this section regularly to stay informed of updated or modified delivery service areas. Also note that all bulk orders placed on the Site are subject to a calculated “Delivery Charge”. This charge is based on both geographic zones and material volume relative to the amount of material ordered through the site. For more details on how our delivery charges are calculated, please send an email to Also worth noting is that some orders will require multiple deliveries that result in multiple check-outs with additional delivery charges being added to each final order total. If you have any questions on any of these topics please contact support.

Non-Bulk Delivery. For merchandise items or smaller non-bulk products, if not shipped directly by US Rock Corporation, they may be shipped by national carriers and be subject to the fees and terms and conditions of those partner carriers. We will always inform you of the method of shipping/delivery and provide you with available options we’ve deemed appropriate on the checkout page.

So from our team of Rock Stars to you,

“We give you our best!”